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Seeking guardianship through elder law

When creating an estate plan, there are many factors to consider beyond how to divide one's assets after death. In fact, with proper elder law guidance, an estate plan can be a valuable resource in many stages of life. One example is by establishing a power of attorney against the possibility that the testator should become incapacitated by age or illness. However, few people in Delaware take advantage of this tool, which may require loved ones to seek legal guardianship.

Elder law addresses personal needs of nursing home residents

While multi-generation households may have been the norm in the past, they are less common these days. Aging parents prefer to stay in their own homes, and adult children often need two incomes to support their families. Just a few years ago, a decline in health may have meant an older parent ended up in a cheerless nursing home, with little room for personal belongings and less concern about a resident's preferences. However, by revisiting elder law reforms, some Delaware nursing homes are striving to bring about positive changes.

Using elder law to care for your aging loved one

Instead of finding a Delaware nursing home to care for your aging loved one, you may decide to provide the care he or she needs yourself. However, you may be concerned about much needed Medicaid benefits. Fortunately, that does not have to be the case, and elder law could help make your arrangement happen.

Elder law topics: Vulnerability to fraud

It seems as though there is always someone out there trying to get something for nothing. These people tend to prey on vulnerable members of the population here and around the country. Those here in Delaware who work in elder law see far too many residents who believe that an elderly loved one could fall victim -- or already has fallen victim --  to financial exploitation.

Elder law topics: Living wills

No one wants to envision a day when making health care decisions has to be passed to someone else. Losing that kind of autonomy is frightening for many Delaware residents. However, what would be even more frightening is for that to occur without you having the chance to make those choices in advance. For this reason, the creation of a living will is a crucial part of elder law and estate planning.

Elder law issues: Keeping your aging loved one's finances secure

The financial resources of an elderly loved one are often limited. Even so, another family member or someone who claims to be a friend might still attempt to take advantage of an aging Delaware resident's kindness or compromised mental state for personal financial gain. Elder law does provide ways to help protect his or her assets and income from those who would prey on a vulnerable individual.

Is a Move to a Nursing Home in Your or a Loved One's Future?

Between 1946 and 1964, an estimated 78 million babies were born in the United States. Since that time, baby boomers have gone on to run corporations, cure diseases and serve as U.S. presidents. Today the oldest boomers are in their early 70s and increasingly struggle with physical ailments and chronic medical conditions. In the coming years, a significant percentage of boomers and their loved ones will likely be forced to make decisions about nursing home care.

Does Your Family Need A Caregiver Agreement?

In the coming years, the roughly 76.4 million individuals, who are today between the ages of 52 and 70 and are collectively known as baby boomers, will continue to age. By 2029, an estimated one-fourth of the population in the United States will be age 65 and older. If you are the son or daughter of one of the millions of baby boomers, it's important to discuss and make decisions today about potential future changes and issues that can significantly impact your loved one's health, finances and quality of life.

Guardianship and elder law: Taking care of aging family members

As family members age, they might not be able to take care of themselves like they used to in the past. This can be a difficult realization for everyone involved. If prior arrangements for this eventuality were not made through elder law estate planning, it will be necessary to petition a Delaware court for a guardianship.

How a long-term care policy can save your family a long-term headache

None of us expect it to happen. Whether it is the result of a car accident, a skiing mishap or a devastating illness, we just don't expect catastrophe to happen. But it can and does, and when it does it can wreck financial havoc for you-and for generations to come.

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