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Understanding vital documents in real estate transactions

First-time homebuyers encounter many new and unfamiliar elements. Countless documents are placed in front of them, and people hand them pens and tell them where to sign. Blindly signing documents for such a monumental purchase can leave a Delaware homebuyer in a tough situation, having agreed to items that he or she doesn't realize are in the documents. With a general understanding of the documents included in most real estate transactions and by taking the time to carefully review each page, a buyer may avoid making a terrible mistake.

Real estate transactions can be plagued by title defects

When you purchase a piece of property here in Delaware, you want to know that you own it without any defects to the title. It does not matter whether real estate transactions are for residential or commercial property, if there is something wrong with the title, you could end up with problems down the road. For this reason, a careful examination of the title needs to be done, and if any issues are found, they require correction right away.

Consider federal estate taxes in estate planning

No one looks forward to paying taxes, and Delaware residents are no exception. Some people face the possibility of paying taxes even after they die through the assessment of federal estate taxes, which they may consider worse than paying them while alive. Fortunately, the appropriate estate planning may reduce -- if not eliminate -- the need to pay those taxes.

Watch for these mistakes in real estate transactions

Buying and selling property happens every day here in Delaware. The fact that it happens so often might imply that real estate transactions go off without a hitch, but that is not always the case. If certain mistakes are made during the process, the buyer and/or the seller could end up with a complex and frustrating problem.

Several issues need attention in real estate transactions

Many Delaware residents struggle to find the piece of property that will be perfect for their needs. Even so, that could be the easiest part of the process. Several issues need attention from both the buyer and seller in real estate transactions.

Real estate transactions can be complex and frustrating

Whether you are buying a commercial property, vacation home or your first home here in Delaware, the process can be intimidating. Real estate transactions typically have several moving parts, and keeping on top of everything that needs to be done can be frustrating. If one step is missed, the entire transaction could fall apart or cause you additional frustration, time and money in the future.

Work with an experienced attorney when navigating zoning variance process

In our last post, we spoke briefly about the importance of zoning in the residential real estate context. As we noted, this is a particularly important issue for those who are looking to do things on their property that may violate or push the limits of local zoning rules, such as raising animals or running an in-home business. Zoning can also be an important issue in the context of commercial real estate.

Factors that influence home prices in Delaware

Delaware residents have likely heard the saying that the three most important things in real estate are location, location and location. While most people that have bought or sold a home are aware of the truth of this statement, they may be surprised to learn just how much location can impact the value of a property. Homes in the nation's most affordable markets can often be found for $100,000 or less, but similar properties would be priced at $1 million or more in some of America's most affluent neighborhoods.

Real estate tips for both sellers and buyers

Most Delaware residents involved in a real estate transaction are handling one of the largest deals of their lives. Those seeking to purchase a home as well as to homeowners who are in the process of selling their home might want to keep the following tips in mind.

Downtown Wilmington to see more real estate growth

The economic growth that downtown Wilmington has experienced with the recent real estate boom is continuing. In an announcement given by the Buccini Pollin, a real estate development group, more apartments are slated to be built along the city’s riverfront.  The new project is part of an overall plan to bring a “critical mass” to the area to further stimulate growth and make the district a “24-hour vibrant community” as described by Marty Hagemen, executive director of Downtown Visions.  

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