Work with an experienced attorney when navigating zoning variance process

In our last post, we spoke briefly about the importance of zoning in the residential real estate context. As we noted, this is a particularly important issue for those who are looking to do things on their property that may violate or push the limits of local zoning rules, such as raising animals or running an in-home business. Zoning can also be an important issue in the context of commercial real estate.

Businesses, and particularly real estate developers, can run into zoning issues when getting set up, pursuing a new project, adding on to existing property or expanding the business. In some cases, it is necessary to request an exception to zoning rules. When doing so, it is important to have an attorney to navigate the process and ensure one’s interests are zealously advocated.

Both in Lewes and Camden, zoning adjustment is handled by a local zoning board which considers applications for zoning adjustments according to established criteria. Making a solid case for approval of a requested zoning variance isn’t necessarily an easy matter and requires attention to the details of the proposal, as well as an ability to see the big picture in the context of the criteria the board will be considering.

Successfully pursuing a zoning variance also requires the ability to navigate any objections raised by local community members. In some cases, a local community may raise heavy objections to a requested zoning variance and thereby bring a project to a halt. In some cases, nothing can be done, but in other cases, knowing how to work through the process with an eye toward consolidating approval can be challenging, but possible. For these reasons, it is important to have an advocate who has been through the process and can give one the best chance at a favorable outcome.



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