How can I protect myself when selling my home?

If you are planning to sell your Delaware home, you know that there are many things you need to do to prepare for the process ahead. There is much more involved with selling a home than simply putting a for sale sign in the front yard. You would be wise to take the steps necessary to ensure the full protection of your interests. This can help you avoid problems with the selling process as well as help you avoid legal complications in the future.

Part of selling residential property is to disclose certain information about the property to prospective buyers. In fact, disclosures are your legal obligation as the party selling the property. As you consider what disclosures you may have to make, it can be useful to seek help and guidance regarding this matter.

Your obligations as the seller

As the seller, you must tell prospective buyers about potential problems with the property. In fact, it could be illegal to hide certain information about your home. When it comes to the necessary disclosures you may have to make, consider the following:

  • In most cases, it is only necessary to tell buyers about problems and defects of which you are already aware.
  • You don’t necessarily have to go look for problems with your property, but it is useful to have a professional evaluate your home and property to look for issues.
  • It is not necessary to fix defects that you disclose to the buyer, but you do have to tell the buyers about them.

As you work through the details necessary to selling your home, you will likely have to submit a list of your disclosures in writing. Real estate transactions are complex, and you may find it useful to have experienced guidance for even the seemingly simple aspects of this process.

The protection of your interests

When you are selling your home, it is a major financial and legal transaction. You would be wise to be deliberate to avoid missteps along the way, which can help you save both time and money.

You may have to disclose certain information about your home as you sell it, and it can be helpful to have support as you navigate every step of this process, from disclosures to real estate closings. There is much at stake during this process, and it is prudent to work to protect yourself from any unnecessary complications and problems.



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