How to choose a good broker to oversee real estate transactions

When buying a home, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most common questions new homeowners in Delaware have is how to choose a trustworthy real estate agent. Before any real estate transactions take place, there are a few questions home buyers should ask a prospective real estate agent to make sure they are the right fit.

Delaware home buyers should first gauge the experience a real estate agent has. They should also ask whether that experience is relevant to the real estate transactions they are seeking. Those who are looking to use newer real estate agents should double-check that the agent’s brokerage will provide guidance from more experienced agents.

Even if a more experienced real estate agent is sourced, buyers should double check that the neighborhoods and housing types that person specializes in align with their wish list for a home. Compatibility in terms of schedule and availability should also be considered. It is good to get a clear understanding of the agent’s client load, turnaround time for contact and preferred contact methods.

It is also a good idea to get some information on the agent’s past results, including the number of deals they closed in the past year and how long it usually takes their clients to purchase a home. Trusting not only real estate agents but any brokerages they are associated with can reduce risk for people as look for a home. Another person who is helpful to have by one’s side when house shopping is a lawyer who can help interpret Delaware real estate law and ensure all real estate transactions are legally sound.

Source:, “Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent Before Hiring One“, Daniel Bortz, Feb. 16, 2018



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