Technology and elder law can help aging people live comfortably

One of the most contentious issues in families is where aging family members should live. Conversations, external support and an understanding of elder law can all help in making these arrangements for elders and their families. Delaware seniors can also benefit from a variety of technological advancements to help them stay safe and cared for, especially if they wish to continue living alone at home.

Emergencies such as falling are always a concern for elders and their families. One technology that can help keep look out for someone’s health and safety is a remote monitoring system. These systems use motion sensors to check various activities and behavioral patterns, such as activity level and eating habits. They can also monitor little things like whether a door has been locked.

Installing such technologies can be especially helpful where money is a concern, as they are often significantly less expensive than assisted living and in-home care. The tools can offer a person both independence and safety, as well as giving them confidence to live successfully at home. Other tools include technology that checks in with elders using voice prompts, medication reminder systems, and Personal Emergency Response System, or PERS.

Long-term care can be a challenging issue for aging people in Delaware and their families. The individual needs and desires of each person should be considered, along with the legal standards set out by elder law. It is a good idea for elders to work with a lawyer who understands these laws and can advocate for their interests.

Source: USA Today, “Tech helps seniors age in place“, Gabi Redford, March 11, 2018



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