Location is a critical residential real estate issue for buyers

When purchasing a home, there are many things to consider. Among these is the location of the house. With such a wide variety of residential real estate options and neighborhoods in Delaware, it’s a good idea for buyers to take some time to really get to know the location of a home before putting in an offer.

The first thing people should consider before purchasing residential real estate is the market in any given area. If the area has multiple homes for sale with no takers, it could be evidence that the home would be a bad investment. If this is the case, the next step is to consider why this unpopularity might be. Searching crime statistics on the neighborhood or even asking around can be good tactics.

Buyers should consider what is important to them when looking at a location. Is being able to walk to run errands important? If so, measuring walk-ability by actually walking to nearby corner and grocery stores is a good idea. If schools are important, research those that children would be attending in the new neighborhood. Other factors can include climate, public transit, taxes and even the risk of an earthquake or natural disaster.

Each homebuyer is different, so the demands for the location of residential real estate will vary. Despite this variance in needs and desires, each homebuyer must consider what is important in terms of location when buying a home. Once a family is ready to make an offer, working with a Delaware lawyer to make an offer and understand the buying process is a good next step.

Source: wisebread.com, “How to Research a Home’s Location Before You Buy“, Carrie Kirby, March 26, 2018



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