Communication with children can help prevent elder law issues

Although many people prefer to live private lives, communication can often be the key to avoiding missteps and hazards as one ages. It is a good idea for Delaware seniors to have certain conversations with their children, as awareness throughout the family can help people avoid or resolve elder law issues. Those who do not have children or do not trust their children should consider sharing important information with trusted friends as an alternative.

One thing worth communicating about is medications and health care. Delware seniors should provide close friends and family with such information so if anything happens, they will be able to alert doctors and paramedics to critical information. A list of emergency contacts, people and organizations involved in health care is also helpful to make available for friends and family.

Copies of key documents should be readily available should something happen. Documents of particular consequence include Medicare and health insurance cards, estate plans, birth certificates, passports and drivers license. Funeral arrangements should also be kept in a known and accessible place so executors can find and fulfill these wishes.

Many people do not feel comfortable sharing too much information with others, but it is critical to at least provide the information they need to make the right decisions should something happen. Those who are concerned that sharing information may put them at risk should discuss safekeeping of information and accounts with an elder law attorney in Delaware. An attorney can also help connect next of kin with the documents and plans they need should something happen.



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