It is not too early to start estate planning

It is common for Delaware residents and people across the country to have the intention of carrying out certain actions. Of course, if those intentions do not actually turn into taking active steps toward an end result, many important tasks may go unfinished. For instance, when it comes to estate planning, many adults intend to get around to it, but some do not before it is too late.

In fact, only four out of 10 adults have created wills, according to surveys. This statistic means that a substantial number of adults have so far left their final affairs up to chance. Some people may think that they are not old enough to create an estate plan or that they do not have enough assets, but in reality, any adult with any number of assets could benefit from having this plan.

Creating the plan may also go more easily if individuals choose to include their families. Certainly, documenting final wishes is a personal experience, but by having family members involved, individuals can discuss financial information, how property may be distributed and other important aspects. It can also help clear up what younger family members and potential heirs may think they are entitled to and what one could actually receive.

Leaving family members in the dark about estate planning can often lead to surprise results after a loved one’s passing. In some cases, those surprises could lead to significant conflict. If Delaware residents want to give their family members a better chance of going through the settling of their estates more easily and potentially avoid conflict, they may want to consider creating comprehensive estate plans.



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