Estate planning tools are helpful for adults of any age

Many Delaware residents who do not consider themselves considerably wealthy often think that they do not need estate plans. However, estate planning is not just for the rich, and any adult can benefit from creating a plan. Of course, the process of correctly making these plans can be difficult to navigate on one’s own.

Even if individuals are not quite ready to jump deep into the planning process, it is still wise to consider at least a couple of important planning tools. Likely, the first option that comes to most people’s mind is the will. This document can certainly play a major role in anyone’s estate plan. It can detail how the final affairs of an estate should be handled, and for parents, it can also indicate who should act as the guardian of any minor children.

The second tool to consider is the power of attorney document. This tool allows for the appointment of a trusted person to make financial and health care decisions for someone who has become incapacitated. Again, it is important to remember that any adult could benefit from having this type of document because a serious accident or illness could leave a person unable to act for him or herself at any time.

Some Delaware residents may think it seems easy enough to create these documents, but these tools only scratch the surface of estate planning. Each plan has unique aspects because each person and each estate is unique. It is wise for individuals considering their plans to consult with knowledgeable legal professionals who can help ensure that the documents are legally binding and help explain what other tools may make for a comprehensive plan.



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