How to receive Medicaid benefits with a higher income

Medicaid provides a variety of benefits for certain groups of people. As people age, there is more of a concern of how to pay for healthcare services without depleting their savings and hard-earned income. 

Fortunately, there is a way to decrease stated income so that one becomes eligible for Medicaid benefits. 

Medicaid benefits 

According to, Medicaid is a federal program that assists eligible people with medical care. Eligible people are those whose income is not adequate enough to pay for necessary services. To qualify, a person must meet age requirements, be pregnant or have a disability. There are also income requirements that classify the applicant as low income or very low income. 

Some of the benefits that Medicaid recipients receive include 

  • Hospital care and doctor visits 
  • Lab work and medication 
  • Substance abuse and mental health services 
  • Chiropractic services 
  • Transportation to and from appointments 
  • Long term care services 

Reduce income with Miller Trust 

As people get older, paying for nursing home, hospice or assisted living care becomes a priority. 

One of the hurdles some older people face is they make too much money to qualify for Medicaid. According to, one way to reduce income is to open a Miller Trust. This is an irrevocable trust, which means the person who establishes it may not transfer the trust’s assets or modify the terms. 

Once the owner establishes the trust, his or her income goes directly into the trust. The money is then eligible for payment for medical care. As an irrevocable trust, the remaining funds upon death reimburse Medicaid for the cost of care. 



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