How should you handle business succession planning?

Delaware business owners like you dedicate time, money and effort to your business. You build it from the ground up. You nurture and care for it. You put your heart and soul into it. So what do you do when it is time to pass on the torch? 

Business succession planning is a crucial part of estate planning for business owners. Without taking these things into consideration, your business could flounder. 

Picking your successor 

Forbes looks at steps you can take to pass on your business. For example, you should start off strong by having a good successor picked. This should be someone who is reliable and organized. They should have strong communication skills. They should act well in a leadership role. They should also share compatibility with you regarding your world views and morals. 

Another tip is to give everyone time to prepare for the change. Do not launch big changes on your employees without notice. Do not try to pick a successor at the last possible minute. You should confirm your plans in advance. Ease everyone into the idea of a new path before you take it. 

Keeping the bar raised 

Raising the bar is a good tip, too. Do not show favoritism to family members within your employees. Ensure successors model accountability. Allow them to display their aptitude for leadership through handling tough tasks. Do what you can to reassure your company that the successor you picked is right for the job. 

You should have this set in place long before you retire. Like the rest of your estate planning, it should preserve future business stability. 



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