How do you find a good business successor?

Delaware business owners like you need to spend time thinking about your successor. This person will determine the direction your company goes after you pass it on. You should put a lot of care and consideration into this choice. 

Are there any tips for choosing a good business successor? Is there any recipe for a “right” successor? Some traits are universal, but it may also come down to personal preference. 

A successor’s leadership skills

Entrepreneur looks at different ways to find your ideal business successor. As mentioned, there are some traits that fit almost every good successor. They do not need experience running a business before, but it helps. They should have experience in leadership positions. It also helps if they have business experience in general, even if not at the helm of one. 

A good successor will have organizational and people skills. It is important for them to communicate well. After all, their communication will lead an entire company’s staff. They should be clear, precise and punctual. Being affable also helps. 

A successor’s values

Your successor should hold the core values of your company in high regard. You do not have to see eye to eye on everything. In fact, that is a difficult thing to find. The evolution of your business also depends on new ideas and perspectives entering the company. But you need to agree on the most important, key pieces. 

Finally, look for someone with the time and dedication to run a business. Not every business needs as much time as others. But all businesses need a level of dedication. People cannot halfheartedly decide to take over a business. You need someone who is in it for the long haul. 



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