Do family members make the best executors?

Delaware residents like you are meticulous about estate plan creation and management. This means you want the best of the best looking after your estate, too. In other words, you want an executor that you have no misgivings about.

You may think this makes a family member the best option for you. Unfortunately, this may be a faulty assumption. There are some situations in which this may hold truth, and others where it is not true at all.

The traits of a good executor

Forbes has tips in store for choosing an executor, a crucial figure in estate management. Due to the amount of responsibility they hold, you want to pick a capable, professional person. A good executor is often a good leader. They have strong leadership and organizational skills. This is true even if they have never held an official leadership role before.

It helps if their communicative skills are strong, too. Again, they do not need to be an expert. But you should expect a level of professionalism from them, as they will deal with your lawyer and grieving loved ones.

Finding someone who works for you

Ensure that your selection has your best interest at heart and no ulterior motives. They should also see eye-to-eye with you on topics you find important to your morals or principles. Choosing an executor with similar beliefs is a good way to ensure the honoring of your point of view.

Sometimes, the person who fits the bill is a relative. But that is not always the case, and that is okay. Do not settle for an executor just because you think they “should” fit your estate well. Choose one because they do.



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