What laws must you follow to rent out a room in your home?

To make some extra money, you want to rent out a room in your Delaware home. Have you researched the landlord regulations that you must follow to offer a room according to the law? 

SFGate explains landlord responsibilities to tenants. Ensure that your effort to make money does not cost you money. 

Make the room habitable

Before you advertise an empty room or space in your home for rent, double-check its habitability. Stairs tenants use must have railings, and you must keep the stairs in good working order. You should not have hazards in the living space, such as lead paint. Maintain the room and all other spaces that your tenant may access, which means clearing debris and anything that may attract mice, roaches and other vermin. You must also properly maintain your home’s plumbing and electrical systems. 

Keep up with repairs

Get into the habit of performing routine maintenance on your property. As a landlord, you must promptly repair appliances, equipment and anything else that may malfunction or fail while a tenant resides in your home. Property owners who shirk their duty to repair risk a tenant withholding rent or charging them for repairs that the tenant makes. 

Provide living space requirements

Any tenant who rents space must have access to a private, ventilated bathroom, and you must also provide kitchen space. All spaces included in the lease must have a window or skylight that provides sunlight and ventilation. All windows and doors require working and secure locks for tenant security. The law dictates that landlords must provide residents with electrical or gas heating and access to a functioning sewer system. 



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