Easing the transition to a nursing home for your loved one

The decision to move your loved one to a nursing home in Delaware should only come after you consider the wishes of your aging family member, as well as his or her needs. Involving your loved one in the process will provide reassurance that you genuinely care about finding the right facility.

Once you have found a nursing home you feel comfortable with, it will take time to ease your loved one into a new routine in a new place. Your consistent support and encouragement can provide comfort during a time of change.

Preserve independence

One of the most difficult parts of nursing home care for many residents is feeling a loss of independence and control over their life. You can ease this burden for your family member when you identify ways he or she can remain in control. According to Good Therapy, one way you can preserve a sense of normalcy and control is to bring pictures, personal belongings and sentimental items with you to decorate the space.

Encourage your family member to do the things he or she can still do such as hygiene tasks, getting dressed and making a bed. Doing these simple tasks can help your family member stay active, preserve muscle memory and maintain confidence in the ability to move independently.

Participate with enthusiasm

Just because you are not living with your family member does not mean you cannot stay an active part of his or her life. Decide on a consistent visitation schedule to give your family member something to look forward to. Encourage participation in social events. You can even participate in certain facility activities as a visitor. Your effort to maintain a relationship can reduce feelings of loneliness for your loved one and ease the transition to a new home.



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