Important considerations before becoming a landlord

When people decide to retire in Delaware, they may purchase a home and rent it out until they retire. There are several factors that people should consider if they plan to take this step.

One of the first things that people need to consider is what kind of tenant they want to attract. According to HSH, people may need to make different preparations based on their target tenant. If people think they will rent mostly to senior citizens, for example, they need to make sure that their elderly tenants will feel safe in the space. People may want to install grab bars in the bathroom and make sure all the staircases are well-lit. Additionally, people may want to screen their tenants by income to make sure that their tenant will always be able to pay the rent.

Understand the expense

Many people may not think about the money that they will need to pour into the property. People should consider some of the following expenses:

  • Advertising the property
  • Hiring handymen for plumbing and electrical problems
  • Purchasing supplies to repair or replace appliances

Additionally, people need to think about how the rental property may affect their taxes. Which expenses will they be able to deduct? Can they afford the property taxes on their current home and the rental?

Understand the responsibilities

When people rent out a house in Delaware, they need to meet all of the state’s requirements for landlords. The State of Delaware says that people have to make sure the rental unit is safe for tenants. Landlords need to maintain the premises and keep the property in a good condition. People also need to make sure that the tenants always have access to heat and hot water.

These requirements mean that landlords need to play an active role in managing their properties. As people consider renting out a house, they should ask themselves how they will meet these needs. Will they arrange for a landscaping company to maintain the yard? Will they need to keep a handyman on call? People should have a plan that encompasses all of these areas.

By considering these elements before purchasing a property, people can make sure that they set themselves up for success.



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