What should you know about party walls?

These days, more people turn to alternative options of housing or homeowning that do not involve single-family dwellings. This puts condos and rowhouses on the table for many and provides unique options you might have otherwise not known about.

Of course, it can also provide unique hurdles that you do not get with single-family dwellings. One of these problems presents itself in the form of noisy neighbors, which you may experience via a party wall.

What is it?

First of all, what is a party wall? In short, this refers to any wall that two separately owned residences both share. It could be aesthetic or structural and may serve as a barrier to fire or sound. Even a fence could technically fit the definition of a party wall.

Party walls serve as an important feature because it often helps you keep the peace with your neighbor, especially if it serves more than an aesthetic purpose. Both parties need to maintain and care for the wall and avoid doing damage to it, or you risk suffering from physical harm or financial loss.

How do you handle one?

SFGate looks into potential ways to handle party walls, which can make your time in this space more enjoyable and less stressful. Your rights and responsibilities as an owner likely got outlined in the contract you signed too and should include anything you need to do in order to maintain the party wall.

Always make sure any of your plans for this wall uphold the agreement you signed, though. This can keep you from getting into legal trouble later down the line.



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