What are some important details to handle when moving to Delaware?

If you are planning to move to Delaware from another state, there are many little details you will not want to forget to handle. It can be a very stressful time, so being aware of these things can make the transition smoother.

Delaware.gov explains you need to make sure you do not forget to manage some basic tasks that can easily slip your mind but that will impact your life in the state.

Register to vote

Do not forget to register to vote in your jurisdiction. If you fail to do so, you may be unable to vote in the next election or have to submit a vote that may not count.

Registration is fairly easy. You can do it online, by mail or in person at the election office or various other state offices.

Change your license and registration

You have only 60 days to transfer your license. You will need to provide the typical documentation to prove your identity and residency when getting your new license. You will not usually need to retake tests unless your license expired before you transfer it. You will have to pass the eye exam.

You also need to transfer your registration within 60 days. You must carry the minimum insurance coverage required by state law and show proof when registering your vehicle. You also must have a vehicle inspection and show proof you passed it.

Update professional licensing

If you hold a professional license, you will need to contact the correct department to see if you need to do this. In some cases, you may need to pass further testing or take other steps to get a license in the state.

There is a range of little tasks that you can easily overlook when moving to a new state. Make sure you account for everything you must do.



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