What Medicare choices do I have?

Medicare is a government insurance every worker pays into. It is a benefit for working Americans when they reach a certain age or meet other requirements.

Under Medicare, you have multiple choices in coverage. The Legal Handbook for Older Delawareans explains you will get to choose between original Medicare and a Medicare Health Plan.


Original Medicare includes Part A, which will cover hospital care, limited nursing home care and temporary home health care. You will not usually have to pay a premium because the money you paid while working will cover this. However, you may have copayments.

The other portion of this coverage is Part B. Part B will usually require a premium, which will come from your Social Security benefits. This covers other various medical services you may need not covered under Part A.

Part D is optional coverage for prescription drugs.

Medicare Health Plan

A Medicare Health Plan is where Medicare partners with a private insurer to offer you coverage. You may also hear this called Medicare Advantage or Part C. Under this type of plan, you will have coverage for the same benefits as Original Medicare. It may also offer additional benefits and will include prescription coverage.

All Medicare operates under the same laws regardless of what type it is. The laws are specific and strict about coverage and rules. Eligibility also will rely on federal laws. The money you pay into the system should help reduce the costs you have to pay, but all plans will include copays and deductibles. Medicare can be confusing, so you may want to seek assistance with making your coverage choices to ensure they work for your medical situation.



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