What is the Senior Protection Initiative?

Protecting the elders in a community is incredibly important. These people have put in their time and helped build society. Now they deserve to live the remainder of their lives peacefully.

Unfortunately, some people want to bring harm to older people. They may try to swindle or abuse them, and that is what the Senior Protection Initiative seeks to prevent. The Delaware Attorney General explains the program involves education and a group approach to protecting elders in the state.

Group work

The Senior Protection Initiative works on educating the public and law enforcement to help prevent abuse and exploitation of seniors. The group that works together on the program includes officers, social service workers and legal professionals.

The multi-prong approach seeks to ensure there are people throughout the community watching out for those who are up to no good and may target seniors. It also helps to spread the word about the initiative throughout the community.

Main goal

The main goal of the program is to ensure people are aware of the issues facing elders. Members of the initiative conduct community program where they speak about scams, vulnerabilities, abuse and other important issues facing the older community. The group is available to speak at various events and for different organizations. Anyone can request the members come to their event and speak.

Programs like the Senior Protection Initiative help provide a community approach to protecting a vulnerable segment of the population. The outreach can help to prevent scams from coming into a community and lead to healthier and happier lives for seniors.



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