Weighing the benefits of selling or renting real estate

With the anticipation of moving to a new property, many homeowners in Delaware grapple between selling or renting out their current home. Deciding between selling or renting depends on a homeowner’s goals, as well as factors including financial standing and availability of resources.

While the process of making a decision will look different for everyone, a basic understanding of the benefits of each scenario may provide clarity.


One of the biggest reasons why homeowners might decide to sell their current home is because they lack interest in being a landlord. According to Zillow, some people may not make enough renting their property to cover the costs of both a mortgage and the services of a property management company. They could also lack the desire, resources or know-how to undertake landlord duties. In this situation, selling might provide a lot more appeal and substantially more benefit.

Selling also makes more sense when homeowners make a permanent move or have a significant amount of equity built up in their current home. Choosing to sell may free up financial resources to put toward a down payment on another property.


Homeowners also have the option of keeping their current home to rent it out. This is a particularly beneficial option for people who only plan to leave their home temporarily. For example, they could have an overseas expatriate assignment to fulfill, plan to take an extended vacation or have a winter home elsewhere. Renting might be a better option for people who live in a strong rental market where house prices continually increase.

Determining an appropriate rental price will require some research. According to Experian, people can analyze properties in their area to gain insight into a reasonable asking price. If people choose to rent, they should consider requiring background checks for their tenants.

Renting and selling can both have incredible benefits. Taking the time to determine the most advantageous outcome might protect homeowners from disappointment and regret.



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