What are the plans for improvement of quality in nursing homes?

As the population continues to age, more focus turns toward the state of nursing homes across the nation. In short, many consider that they have fallen short in numerous crucial categories and that they need reform.

The federal government intends to improve the quality of nursing homes in various ways as the nation moves forward together.

Fixing the staffing crisis

The White House put out a fact sheet focusing on improving the quality of care and safety of nursing homes across the country. In this brief, they discuss the primary areas they will focus on for tackling this large task.

First, they want to focus on the current staffing crisis that the entire medical industry faces. In short, more people have quit in recent years than ever before, and not enough people enter the field to make up for their loss. Those who do enter end up burning out in less time because they have to take on the burden of those who left, creating a vicious cycle. This plan will address such issues by insuring all nursing homes have sufficient and well-trained staff.

Increasing accountability

They also focus on accountability for nursing homes that perform poorly. These homes, under reformation, will have to improve services immediately or face the loss of taxpayer dollars.

Providing more information

Finally, they will work on giving the public more information on the conditions of nursing homes. This will allow people to make better decisions regarding where to send their loved ones to.

Together, these three prongs of attack will help reduce the impact of substandard living conditions in nursing homes.



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