How do you benefit from a power of attorney?

You will encounter various legal documents throughout your life. Some of those documents will ensure you receive the necessary healthcare papers on what happens. Likewise, some documents can secure your financial or estate’s future.

According to the U.S News, powers of attorney are critical documents to prepare in case you cannot make decisions.

Financial power of attorney

A financial power of attorney refers to financial authority. If you become incapacitated, someone has to take care of your finances. This person can make decisions while you cannot make them for yourself. For instance, if you have investments, the financial power of attorney can determine where to invest and what to do with your money. He or she will have instructions on your wishes, but also, the financial attorney should know what you want to do with your money and estate.

Medical power of attorney

When assigning someone for your medical power of attorney, it does not have to be the same person as your financial power of attorney. You may choose the same individual in some cases, but you may want to play to everyone’s strengths in others. Some people may have your best interests in mind medically but have less knowledge about finances.

The person you assign in your medical power of attorney can make medical decisions on your behalf. For example, if you cannot make decisions about your care or various medical procedures, he or she will make them for you.

When choosing a power of attorney, you need to choose someone who has the time to take over your estate when you cannot take care of it.



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