Should younger adults create an estate plan?

If you are in your 20s or 30s, it is crucial to focus on various facets of your financial future. From your career to marriage, retirement and investments, young adults should pay close attention to a number of immediate and long-term issues. Sometimes, younger adults do not devote much attention to estate planning, whether they think it is too soon or they do not understand the importance of safeguarding one’s estate.

The Delaware Code states that anyone 18 or older can create a will, so long as they are of sound mind and memory.

Unforeseen crises and estate planning

At any age, life is full of uncertainty. Sadly, unexpected health problems, motor vehicle accidents and other hardships can affect people of all ages. In the event that a young adult loses his or her life, an estate plan could help ensure that their assets pass on in accordance with their wishes. Estate plans can also prove valuable for young adults with special needs. Moreover, young parents can establish guardianship for their children.

Estate plans and your unique circumstances

It is very important to approach estate planning from an individualized perspective. Whether you determine that a will suits your needs best or you move forward with a trust, go over all of the different types of estate plans carefully. Whether you struggle with a disability, have kids or have significant assets, you need to pinpoint the strategy that is right for you.

Additionally, keep in mind that your life could change considerably down the road, and try to look at estate planning with a long-term mindset.



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