3 things to look for in a nursing home for your loved one

When an aging parent or loved one has a condition that makes it difficult to independently maintain a good quality of life, it might be time to discuss the possibility of living in a nursing home. This is a big decision, however, and one that may require input from the whole family and careful consideration of all available options.

Choosing the right nursing home is a matter of prioritizing your loved one’s comfort and ensuring they receive the specific type of care they need. You can make the best choice by knowing what to look for in the ideal assisted living facility.

1. Medicaid or Medicare certification

If your loved one is eligible to receive healthcare coverage through Medicaid or Medicare, that coverage can extend to some or all of the costs of living in a certified nursing facility. These facilities must meet government standards during inspection periods to uphold their certification, so residents can expect a certain level of quality from a certified nursing home.

2. Relevant specializations

There are many types of chronic conditions that might necessitate a loved one’s stay in a nursing home, so it is important that you choose a facility that employs staff with the necessary skill set to treat your loved one.

3. Caring staff

Finding a nursing home with a caring and well-trained staff is one way to mitigate the very real risk of elder abuse befalling your loved one. Use reviews from existing residents and their families to gauge the quality of care that nursing home staff provide to their patients.

Choosing the right nursing home is a very important step in long-term care planning for your loved one. Making the right decision can help your family member remain comfortable and healthy for years to come.



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