Do’s and do not’s for selling a home

Get your sold sign ready. Buy that bottle of champagne.

Following these tips can help you sell your house like a pro so you can get right to the celebration.

Do not do significant renovations

Major renovations will likely not bring about a great return on investment. Instead, small changes that play up your house’s impressive features can bring more bang for your buck.

Do make showings easy

When selling your home, you want to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to get inside. Keep your home clean and decluttered so it is always ready for a showing, and make it available as much as possible. Also, do not forget about convenient parking. Making potential buyers walk to your home from somewhere nearby because you have all three of your vehicles in your driveway could be a turn-off.

Do use unique marketing

The majority of people begin their home search on the internet. If you are a home seller, take advantage of this by listing your home online. If you use a real estate agent, make sure the one you choose offers online listings and virtual tours.

Do highlight your home’s best feature

While you may love your house’s little quirks, people purchasing a home might not. So instead, set up your house to highlight the best features.

Do research

Instead of paying a commission, you might find it more appealing to sell your home yourself. However, if you go this route, you will face some challenges, so it is best to research if this path is right for you.

Once you sell your house, ensure you know what you want in a new place. Then, you can easily scout out and purchase your next home.



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