Should you move into an HOA neighborhood?

Homeowner’s associations often get a bad reputation. While some HOAs may be overbearing and board members may abuse their authority, not every organization operates this way.

In fact, deciding to move into an HOA neighborhood might be the best decision you make. HOAs offer a range of benefits for homeowners.

Access to amenities

Most HOAs help to cultivate a community. They create common areas with the fees you pay that everyone can use. The amenities offered are something you likely would not find in other types of neighborhoods.

Protect your investment

Living under an HOA means certain standards for the neighborhood. You will not end up with an abandoned house on the corner or high crime rates because of the oversight offered by the HOA. Because of this, your investment in your home has better protection against depreciation due to a bad neighborhood.

Reduce maintenance

While your HOA will not take care of your home, they will maintain common areas. You only have to take care of your lot. The HOA will handle snow removal from the general area, including keeping roads and sidewalks clean. You may also have other programs that assist with maintenance, which can make it easier on you to find help when you need it.

The best way to get the most from your HOA is to do your research before buying. Talk to people in the neighborhood to ensure that you are not getting into one of those areas where the HOA oversteps its boundaries. As long as you vet the organization, you can reap the benefits.



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