How should you talk to elderly parents about estate planning?

As you think about the future, it may occur to you to talk about estate planning with your parents. If you sense hesitation or confusion over the topic, it can also feel hard to know where to start the discussion.

Making a plan and following a few simple tips can help you explain more about this topic and make your parents feel more comfortable with the process.

Pick the right time

According to Business Insider, talking briefly about this topic before sitting your parents down to have a long discussion is good for you both. You should include all other members of your immediate family in this process, especially your siblings.

Instead of shocking your parents with a sudden and serious talk about estate planning, you can make sure they are showing up with the right attitude and tell them ahead of time. This can include asking them where they want to meet to discuss more about this idea in detail.

Comfort and reassure them

When first bringing up this topic, your elderly parents may express worries about the aspect of dealing with death. Since this can be a scary idea to think about, make sure you tell them that you are there for them and that they should lean on you for emotional support.

Show them more materials

You can also help them feel better talking about this by printing out articles or buying books with more information about estate planning. Showing them what steps they need to take and using other resources to make your points can help this conversation go well.

Keeping these ideas in mind while discussing estate planning is great when you feel nervous about talking to your elderly parents.



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