How to prepare for a house closing

Buying a house in Delaware is exciting, and many soon-to-be owners look forward to closing day. However, there are numerous surprises and issues that can crop up in the days or weeks leading up to the day and even on the day itself. Knowing what to expect and how to prevent potential problems will help the process go smoother.

FindLaw discusses some of the common problems that may come up during closing time. During the inspection process, the inspector may find minor issues, but the seller and buyer are often able to work these out ahead of time. Finding major issues, however, is more problematic. These often cause a delay in closing, and some buyers may choose to walk away from the purchase in certain circumstances.

A title issue may also prop up at closing time. Perform a title search early on to fix any issue and avoid a closing postponement. Financing can also throw a wrench in the final closing. Perhaps the appraisal came in less than the purchase price, in which the bank will not loan as much money. Making mistakes or outright lying on the mortgage paperwork can also cause the bank to back out.

According to, performing a last-minute walk-through of the property can prevent closing day issues. This ensures vacancy and completion of all needed repairs.

Buyers should understand what to expect and bring for closing day. The room is often full of the buyers, sellers, real estate agents, attorneys, title company representative and mortgage lender. All paperwork should be in order, and the buyer should ask ahead of time if a cashier’s check or wire transfer is necessary for the down payment and closing costs. A checkbook may also be helpful for potential smaller fees.



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