Prepare to sell your home with these tips

When you want to retire, selling your home is often the first step in relocating to take on your next adventure. Preparing for this process properly can attract more buyers, sell the home faster and command a higher price point. 

Take these steps to get ready to put your home on the market. 

Clear the clutter 

Removing personal items and distinctive decor from the home helps potential buyers envision their own belongings in the space. You can also make the property more attractive to buyers and prepare for your move by recycling, donating or giving away items that you no longer use or need. 

Make it new 

Whether you clean the home yourself or hire professionals, make it shine from top to bottom before inviting buyers to view the space. Walk through the home and note things that you would notice as a buyer, then make these minor repairs. 

Improve your curb appeal 

The buyers who check out your home will see the front first, so make sure that the first impression is an outstanding one. Weed gardens, prune shrubs, keep the lawn mowed and sweep the porch. Plant new flowers if you need to add some color. Pressure wash siding to remove old stains, and clear the gutters of leaves. 

Gather important documents and warranties 

First, decide what items come with the sale of your home. If you plan to include the appliances, have the warranty information on hand so that you can let the buyers know when they may need to repair these items. 

Research the market 

If you have a sale price in mind for your home, check your instincts against local market data. Finding a great realtor is an important step in setting the right home price. He or she will research comparable homes in your area based on age, features, size and square footage. Ideally, review sales prices only within the past 90 days. 

Once you have a prospective buyer for your home, following the right legal processes will ensure that the sale goes smoothly. 



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