What traits should you look for in an executor?

As you look over your will, you may begin to think seriously about who you should choose to be your executor for your estate.

Finding the best person for this role can be easy if you take into account a few important details.

Willing and ready

According to Kiplinger, one of the best traits an executor can have is the willingness to complete the probate process to the best of their ability. This includes dealing with family and beneficiaries in times of crisis and being able to talk to the courts on time.

Since this is an important job, you should inform whoever you pick of the duties they need to complete during probate as soon as possible. Take note of the response they give, since it can show their level of attention to the responsibility.

Responsible with money

Taking on the task of managing an estate includes paying the deceased’s taxes and fees on time. An executor needs to remember and manage important documents and assets. Finding someone who takes finances seriously, even if they do not know much about being an executor at first, is important.

This also includes someone who has good personal finances, since an executor may need to show they have a solid credit history and are not bankrupt.

Skilled at social interactions

As executor, you must deal with a variety of personalities when you talk to beneficiaries. Some people may insist that the will is wrong or that they did not get the rights assets or heirlooms.

When these family members and friends have questions, your executor must know how to politely and calmly discuss tough situations. Choosing someone with a respectful and kind demeanor can help others feel secure and allow for a smoother probate process.



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