When should I rent out my home?

Many Americans with property wonder if it would be better to sell it or rent it in the current market. While much depends on outside factors, there are certain signs that renting may be a better idea than selling.

Of course, a lot comes down to number-crunching and if sentimentality or profit is more important to you. According to Home Light, if you are in an area where demand for rentals is high and your property offers appealing amenities, renting may be superior to selling.

Rental demand

Location is everything. If you are in an urban area, there is likely more general demand than in a rural one. However, where in the city can also make a difference. Areas that have high concentrations of VRBOs or AirBnBs are typically hot rental environments. Luxury areas, collegiate areas and nighttime hotspots are also popular with renters.

Appealing amenities

In some cases, your trash (the house you no longer wish to live in) can be somebody else’s treasure. In many cases, the renters in your area will want similar amenities to home buyers.

Amenities like swimming pools and beautiful views are typically more of interest to short-term renters who may be in the area for business or pleasure.

Long-term renters are usually interested in the same things that homebuyers are. For instance, if you are in a suburban area renters may be looking for large plots of land and high school scores: in an urban area renters may be more attracted to local hotspots and an art scene. Long-term renters also tend to care more about the quality of flooring and appliances.



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