How to tell if your Delaware realtor is not being straight with you

Buying or selling a home is a big step, and you need to have a trustworthy realtor by your side. However, not all real estate agents are equal; some may not always be honest and ethical.

Knowing how to identify a dishonest or unethical realtor is essential in Delaware. Here are some signs that your realtor is lying to you that will help you navigate the real estate market with confidence.

Ask for proof

Realtors ought to substantiate their claims with concrete evidence. You should become suspicious when your realtor makes bold statements, commitments or claims without furnishing documents or data validating their claims.

Check their credentials

Verify your realtor’s license in Delaware. You can verify their credentials through the Delaware Real Estate Commission, which licenses realtors and governs realtor/client business relationships. Unlicensed agents are a clear warning sign.

Inconsistent information

Pay attention to the information your realtor gives regarding a property. You should seek further clarification if you detect incongruities, untruths or glaring contradictions within their story.

Pressure to make quick decisions

A reliable realtor will give you time to make informed decisions. If you feel rushed, pressured or pushed into a decision, it might be because they want to close a deal quickly, at your expense.

Lack of transparency

Transparency is key in real estate. It is a warning sign if your realtor hesitates to share important information about a property or the transaction.

Limited property options

With approximately a 59% increase in homes for sale since 2022, your realtor should have a diverse list of properties tailored to your distinct preferences and budget. If they only present a small selection of listings, it could be indicative of a hidden agenda, such as selling a property they stand to make more on.

Reluctance to negotiate

Your realtor should be a skilled negotiator working in your best interest. If they seem unwilling to negotiate on your behalf or consistently push for higher offers, question their motives.

You should have confidence in your realtor’s honesty and integrity. Remember, it is your future home or investment, and you deserve a realtor who will be honest throughout the process.



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