Guiding Married Couples Through The Simplified Probate Process

After the death of a family member, those left behind may find themselves quickly overwhelmed with funeral arrangements, paperwork and legal processes — in addition to dealing with their grief and loss.

Whether your loved one passed away with or without an estate plan or a will, the administrative process of identifying assets, paying debts and distributing the estate can be difficult. Consult an experienced and caring lawyer who will guide you through the probate process.

Compassionate And Affordable Legal Help For Families After A Death

Probate is the legal process used to pay a deceased person’s debts and distribute his or her assets. The full probate process can take many months — potentially freezing funds held for the survivors until the estate is settled. The process can also be quite expensive, leaving those left behind with less to live on.

At the Law Offices of Bonnie M. Benson, P.A., our attorneys have been guiding clients through the administration process for more than 35 years. We understand how difficult this time can be for you, and we strive to provide high-quality, affordable and friendly assistance when you need it most.

While an estate plan may not always help you avoid probate completely, a simplified probate process for married couples — including same-sex couples — is available in Delaware, saving surviving spouses and other family members time and money. However, in order for you to take advantage of this streamlined probate process, your documents must be prepared correctly.

Have Your Documents Prepared Accurately And Cost-Effectively At Our Law Firm

You have too much at stake to take shortcuts with estate, probate and elder care planning. For your peace of mind and for the sake of your family, call the Law Offices of Bonnie M. Benson, P.A., at 302-697-4900 in Camden, at 302-644-7181 in Lewes or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Our affordable legal services are charged on a flat-rate basis so there are no surprises.