Offering Guardianship Legal Guidance

In addition to our estate planning and probate services, the Law Offices of Bonnie M. Benson, P.A., provides clients with caring, knowledgeable and reassuring advocacy and guidance through the intricate process of applying for guardianship in Camden, Delaware.

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Reasons our Kent County and Sussex County clients seek a guardianship for a loved one include:

  • An elderly parent or other loved one is no longer capable of making decisions for herself or himself
  • A disabled or mentally handicapped minor child turns 18, and caregiving parents must go through a formal guardianship process for the adult child
  • A minor child has lost her or his parents in an accident, or the parents are unable to care for the child and he/she needs a guardian

What Does Guardianship Do For My Loved One?

Guardianship allows you to make decisions for your loved one and take action to make sure his or her basic needs are met, wishes carried forward and quality of life made as comfortable as possible. It establishes a spending allowance based on your loved one’s needs, that can allow you to pay the bills and make medical decisions on behalf of your loved one’s best interests. Should you need to go beyond the limit allowed, there is a process for that, which we handle. Guardianships are regularly monitored by the courts.

Our attorney may be able to spell out in your will through a clause in your power of attorney that you do not want to have a guardian if the issue arises.

Efficient, Thorough, Cost-Effective And Caring

For more than 26 years of legal practice, lawyer Bonnie M. Benson has had many clients rely on her for guardianship guidance and support. Our experience allows us to be efficient, thorough and cost-effective, while fully explaining the process. We are always flexible and responsive to your needs and timing.

Your initial consultation is a time for you to ask questions and gain a broader understanding of what guardianship may mean for you and your family. This information can help you make an informed decision about how to proceed regarding your loved one’s legal status.

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When you need help assisting those you love, you can count on our caring, capable and experienced legal advocacy. Call 302-697-4900 (Camden) or 302-644-7181 (Lewes).