Skilled Assistance With Living Wills And Health Care Directives

There is much we cannot control in life. But there are many ways an attorney can help you take some control. Legal documents properly executed are respected and enforced. In the past generation, we have seen advances in medicine that can extend life. But they do not necessarily provide quality of life, nor real longevity.

Should you become incapacitated, you may not be able to communicate your wishes to your family and doctors. A “living will” or “health care directive” is a document in which you express your wishes in regard to your medical care. If you have a terminal illness or lack of brain function, the directive dictates measures you do and do not want taken to prolong your life. You can also designate a loved one who would be authorized to make decisions for you.

We all want our dignity and to be well and to live long. We also want to spare our families wrenching decisions regarding our status. Very few of us want to merely “exist” in a vegetative state.

Beware Of Do-it-Yourself Forms

You may have come across forms available that claim to serve this purpose. They do not cover all contingencies. Let us explain to you what your options are and how your wishes can be made clear and legally binding.

If your faith dictates what should be done in end-of-life circumstances, we can help you. We have the appropriate forms, including one sanctioned by the Catholic Church.

Delaware Estate Planning Lawyers

Attorney Bonnie M. Benson will be happy to explain all details of this crucial tool to you. She has served individuals and families in Kent and Sussex counties for more than 35 years.

Please contact a Delaware elder law attorney online or call 302-697-4900 (Camden) or 302-644-7181 (Lewes) to arrange an initial consultation.