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When you are buying or selling a home or a commercial property, last-minute title issues can arise that must be cleared immediately for the transaction to go through. At the Law Offices of Bonnie M. Benson, P.A., we have been overcoming hurdles to a smooth real estate transaction for more than 35 years. You may be confident in our ability to deal with a broad range of title issues and title defects.

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As one of the premier real estate and title defect law firms in the Camden and Lewes areas, we perform exhaustive searches of each property our clients are seeking to purchase or to sell to see whether there are any title defects. A title defect can affect your ability to purchase and own outright the property you are seeking to buy.

We Obtain Positive Results For Our Clients

Title defects that we have successfully resolved for our clients, sometimes through real estate litigation, include:

  • Property liens
  • Claims to the property and chain of title defects
  • Improper past closings (open mortgages and satisfaction of old mortgage issues)
  • Fraud
  • Inheritance issues from poorly closed estates
  • Quiet title actions

We Resolve Survey Issues, Boundary Line Disputes And Easement Matters

We take the time and thoroughly deal with every potential problem that could affect your transaction. Most boundary line problems can be addressed without litigation, but when it is necessary to pursue real estate litigation to bring about positive results for our clients, we will do so with efficiency and affordability.

Clearing A Title

Our attorneys are supported by a dedicated administrative staff, and they have extensive experience clearing title in Sussex and Kent counties in Delaware. As your lawyers, we will pursue real estate litigation in a special court, called the Court of Chancery, to clear the title.

Title insurance is highly recommended for buyers, because it protects the owner from defects in the title that cannot be discovered prior to the closing. For instance, if there was a forged title 20 years ago and it comes to light, you will be protected. Likewise, if an estate was not closed properly after a property owner died and a missing heir comes forward to claim the house as part of the estate, you will be protected through title insurance.

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